• 4-user ComStar XT  XTreme Wireless Headset

The 4-user ComStar XT Full Duplex Wireless System with XTreme Wireless Headset from Eartec is a full duplex wireless system that provides hands-free communication which is constantly on, without any delay. The system consists of the Com-Center base transceiver and 4 XTreme wireless headsets.

Each XTreme headset has an integrated transmitter for a range of operation of up to 1,200 feet from the Com-Center, and up to 2,400 feet from other XTreme wireless headsets. The XTreme headset is powered by a rechargeable lithium for up to 10 hours per charge. The Com-Center Transceiver can be either battery or AC powered, allowing for on-location use.

The system can be set up in conference mode, where everyone is on the same broadcast channel, or you can split the users into 2 groups.

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4-user ComStar XT XTreme Wireless Headset

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